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EV Chargers

At Couchmans Electrical, we are the EV charging specialists. Our team have installed EV chargers at a wide range of sites, from local councils to car dealerships and large nationwide companies throughout the region. We have also installed EV chargers into homes all across the Manawatu. Our chargers come in a range of sizes, tailored to meet the needs of your vehicle and taking into consideration your properties power supply and usage.

Our chargers all come with Bluetooth and Wifi functionality, allowing you to control the charging of your vehicle remotely, programme it to charge at set times of the day, monitor your usage and so much more!

We also have the ability to lock out charging for units installed in public areas and also set limits on the amount of charging that can be done (time and cost). There are also optional RFID tags which can be added to the system to allow charging to only occur when

Why install an EV Charger?

1. Charge safer
The safest way to charge an electric car at home is through a dedicated home charge point. A home EV charger needs to be installed by a registered electrician and therefore ensures maximum safety. Although you can charge your car with a standard 3-pin plug, this is not recommended as household sockets are not designed for this high level of constant usage.

2. Charge faster
Getting a dedicated home electric vehicle charger installed allows you to benefit from faster charging speeds. For example, a 7.4kW home charging unit (the most common home EV charger) will charge an EV over three times faster than a standard 3-pin plug charger.

3. Convenience
An EV home charger is by far the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle. There is no need to hang around a public charging point for hours or, even worse, queue to use a charger. With a home EV charger, you can charge your vehicle whenever suits you, no waiting, no stress. Most smart chargers on the market also make it super easy to schedule your vehicle charging at specific times by using a smartphone app for ultimate convenience. This functionality also allows you to charge your vehicle outside of peak times when cheaper electricity rates are available.

4. Increase your property value
Although you may think an EV home charger is an expensive option, it is a worthwhile investment in the long term. A recent overseas study found that homes with an EV charger installed sell for 13% more than the local average.