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Metering / Utilities

Couchmans Electrical holds contracts with all power companies to complete their work in the greater Manawatu area.


Although not mandatory under law, OSH regulations require that you "take all practicable steps to ensure safety" in the workplace. Regular appliance testing to the required AS/NZS standard will ensure you have a means of compliance with these regulations.

Appliance testing and tagging can be carried out by anyone deemed to be a "competent person". At Couchmans Electrical all appliance testing is carried out by a Registered Electrician, for complete peace of mind.

This ensures that the appliances are tested to the highest standard, and any repairs required can be carried out at the same time. Couchmans Electrical offer an onsite service to test appliances, or bring it to our office for a "While you Wait" service. We offer a full report on the tested items upon completion.

Prices start from as low as $4.50 +GST per item tested.